Treatment Management

Today there are nearly unlimited treatment options and therapy tools for various diseases. This kind of development means that there is a huge spectrum of modalities for diagnostic and clinical procedures, which provides a new outlook and opportunities on successful treatment for various patients.

Nonetheless, Alkhatlan Haya and colleagues argue in their Alexandria Journal of Medicine (2017) that it remains a major challenge to decide on the optimum treatment strategy for any patient, largely because all prognostic forecasts are based on statistics that are sometimes challenging to interpret. Also, physicians increasingly rely on information they receive from patients to determine the course of treatment.

Dhawale et al. (2017) identify web-based data banks and literature searches among other sources as some of the resources that patients use to obtain the information they present to their physicians when seeking treatment. Against this backdrop, it is necessary to increase access to health information in the general population so that patients and physicians alike can have better access to information for better treatment outcomes.

Studies suggest that focus should be put on the internet as an information platform. Availing care information on the internet can be an efficient way to close the gap in health literacy and increase the use of health information technology, eventually boosting patient self-management.


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