Patient Support Programs

Adherence and Persistence Patient Support Programs

Patient oriented programs, ensuring patients’ adherence to their medication schedule is a key component for any successful treatment regimen. From scheduling appointments for patients to dose reminder calls and designing customized adherence plans. Our highly qualified case managers will ensure patients are complying with their prescribed therapy through individualized patient support programs (PSPs) based on clinically proven behavioral change modalities.

Side Effects Management Patient Support Programs

Patient assistance programs, helping patients to manage, handle and report treatment side effects while maintaining a high compliance with local regulations for collecting and reporting adverse events, Loss/lack of efficacy and product quality complaints. Our team of bilingual, pharmacovigilance professionals consistently deliver reliable and timely reporting standards customized to meet pharmacovigilance SOPs and local regulations.

Treatment Management Patient Support Programs

Patient support programs offering customized medical information helpline services to meet the needs of our clients through a product-specific directory. We develop patient-oriented programs including standardized information management techniques and customized responses in accordance to pharmacovigilance SOPs and local regulations. Our team of trained healthcare professionals provides the treatment management support via dedicated call centers to patients and caregivers.

Shared Contribution Affordability Patient Support Programs

“PSPs” coordinating between patients, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to design tailored “Shared Contribution Models” to address some treatment financial affordability barriers. We also design patient assistance programs to assist with coordination between manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies to ensure a seamless and timely access of patients to their treatment in accordance to pharmacovigilance SOPs and local regulations.

Care pathway Management Patient Support Programs

PSPs guiding the patient through the entire patient journey from diagnosis, referral to outcome. Our team can map the patient journey, identify the bottlenecks, and help in designing patient-oriented programs with innovative solutions to address the identified gaps to improve and accelerate the patient journey of diagnosis and treatment in the respective healthcare system

Customized “Continuous Medical Education” CME for Healthcare Professionals

Providing relevant, evidence-based medical education within clinical areas of focus, using educational best practices combined with modern technology to optimize the development of the knowledge, skill-set, and building capacity that are required to perform safe and effective patient care among healthcare professionals.

Caregiver Support Programs

Caregivers play a pivotal role in providing physical, emotional care to their family members. Our Caregiver Support Programs offer training, educational resources, and multiple tools to help them in performing their role successfully.

Payer Support services

Working with payers to enhance patients’ outcomes through custom-made reimbursement solutions that ensure fast and sustainable access to their treatment