Today’s product marketplace is hugely customer-centric, with most businesses already competing largely on the basis of the customer experience. The healthcare industry cannot stand on the side and ignore this reality. Patients are just like customers in the product market. As Druckenmiller(2016) observes in the Ask Eva Blog, itis no longer optional for healthcare providers to provide patients with exceptional service. Already, engaging patients in pharma is transforming the industry in significant ways(Gosling 2016).

The patient is the end user in the pharmaceutical marketplace. Notably, engaging patents is a major way for pharmaceutical companies to gain patient insight that they can use to deliver better products and services then. This could lead to increased adherence to medication and better usage of these products overall. The industry ends up becoming more profitable while everyone else enjoys the benefit of better care and improved treatment outcomes (Gosling 2016).

Though there are companies that remain reticent to commit fully to the transformation, a lot of others have registered enormous success in pharma by embracing patient centricity in the development of medicines. The sooner the companies accept the importance of the patient factor in boosting the success of the pharmaceutical process the better. The industry simply can no longer skip patient engagement.


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