Healthcare innovation has been touted as the ultimate means to facilitate the participation of patients in the care delivery process. Recently, these innovations have leaned towards exploring digital health as a major way to enhance user participation in the process of delivering health care. As Iyawa et al. (2016) point out, digital health provides a platform that is replete with digital technologies that patients can rely on to facilitate their participation in healthcare delivery.

There are various innovative approaches that research has identified, which could help improve current health models. With mobile internet usage has surpassed PC, the mobile platform is just the place where innovators should concentrate their efforts and create more digital solutions that are accessible on smartphones and other mobile devices. Alqahtani& Atkins(2017) argue that people are more familiar with the apps and tools they frequently use. The smartphone has popular usage and creating mobile-only digital healthcare solutions can be an effective way to encourage the use of outpatient services.

It is important therefore to develop digital platforms including social media for patients and Healthcare Professionals, that are tailored according to various client needs. This is the best way to use digital mobile informatics technologies to improve patient outcomes.


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