Consumer Demand for Clean Air

Recent polls show that consumers are concerned about air quality and are willing to spend with businesses who prioritize air care.

The Importance of Clean Air

Despite the strides we have made in overcoming the pandemic, public concern about air quality in businesses is higher than ever.

  • 91% of consumers believe clean air is important when visiting indoor businesses.
  • 74% of consumers have felt anxious about returning to indoor businesses.
  • 76% of consumers said they would not return to a business if they noticed an unpleasant smell or odor.

Though we all want to get back to business as usual, the fact is, the majority of consumers are still thinking about the risks involved in their everyday interactions. The past year and half have left a mark on the way people see their environment.

Customers care about their environment. But will that effect their shopping behavior?


Two-thirds of consumers would select one business over another based on their safety protocols.

So, keeping up safety protocols is not just good for the community at large. It is also good for your bottom line, ensuring that more people will see the value in supporting your business.

Reinforcing their choice, once they are in the door, consumers report that they feel happier while visiting businesses that meet their safety expectations with pure air.

86% of consumers said they would be happier in businesses that they knew had invested in an air purification system.

Until recently, the gold standard of safety protocols was wiping and disinfecting. But as news that the virus is airborne spreads, consumers want to see other protocols in place.

Safety Protocols Consumers Care About

Consumers rated the level of importance they placed on safety measures and, unsurprisingly, air purification pulled out ahead as the protocol they care most about.

82% of consumers rated air purification as an important or very important safety protocol. Only 60% rated gloves as important and 79% rated physical barriers important.  

As it turns out, customers are very aware and are paying close attention.

Driving Awareness Of Clean Air

There is no question: customers notice clean air initiatives. When it comes to less-visible solutions, making consumers aware is as simple as working in messaging around your clean air initiatives in your advertising and signage.

84% of consumers notice when businesses advertise their safety protocols. Of those who said they notice when businesses advertise their safety protocols, 94% said advertising safety protocols is especially important during the pandemic.

ROI Of Air Purification Systems

Ultimately, a commercial air purification system is an investment. The good news is that meeting customer concerns leads to a measurable return on investment.

70% of consumers say they are willing to spend more money on products and services from businesses with increased safety protocols.

If your business hinges on large-scale group events, air purification is key to bringing in attendees.

60% of consumers say they are more likely to attend a meeting or event if an air purification system in place.

Third party public opinion survey was conducted online during April 2021 and polled a nationally representative sample of 2500 consumers.

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